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Default Re: Sizing up Wladimir Klitschko-Alexander Povetkin

Originally Posted by Alcaldemb
Do you Haye fan boys have to crash every heavyweight thread? By the way if I had to make a choice between Povetkin and Haye I'd pick Povetkin. One need only watch the Mormeck and Fragomeni fights to see how bad of a style Povetkin is for Haye.
Precisely! Fragomeni had 9kos in 20+ fights yet was able to physcially bully Haye around the ring and land at will. Luckily for Haye, the Italian was a midget and had 0 power. Peter and Povetkin are Haye's worst nightmare in terms of styles. I would pick Povetkin by stoppage without hesitation. Peter might kill Haye

Haye has to prove he wont be physically dominated to convince me otherwise....and the only way that's gonna happen is if he actutally fights legit hws. talking **** from the Sentana studio doesnt convince me as easily as it does with his maniac british fanboys

Now, the major problem for Povetkin against Wlad is the jab, foot movement and clinching. he's really up against it in this one.
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