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Originally Posted by TBooze
Just one other thing Duodenum about Lewis/Ocasio...

Most boring eight rounder ever. Ocasio was very crafty, but he used the skill only to survive eight rounds with a man who at the time lacked any kind of imagination.

But to be fair it was a classic learning fight, and Lennox learnt more in that fight than perhaps any other in his career.
Yeah, I never thought of Ocasio as any kind of exciting performer (except when he nearly upset Dokes), athough his 15 round performance against Randy Stephens (with Holmes providing very good color commentary) was a stunning contrast to his earlier heavyweight performances. It does say something for Lennox that he was able to hang with such an experienced veteran at that stage of his career. (It also says something for Ocasio, that he could turn a match with such a reportedly hard puncher into a dull anticlimactic affair. Ocasio was Lennox's link to the late Jimmy Young, another great teacher of inexperienced opponents.)
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