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Default Re: what where the 10 greatest upsets in boxing history?

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
Fair enough.

It just suprises me that a pretty die-hard boxing fan (correct me if i'm wrong) like yourself goes from following the sport to completely leaving it for a change in the rules. I agree that 15 rounds allows for more strategic fighting and imposes higher standards on conditioning. Nethertheless you are missing out on some great fights that have happened the last twenty years. Watch them. You can thank me later.
Well, I can't truly lay claim to being a die-hard boxing fan if I abandoned it so easily. I think the genuinely loyal fans may be found in the General Forum. I'm hardly a Max Kellerman type who can sustain boyish enthusiasm about a sport that continually sabotages itself, and fails to keep the public imagination. Who knows, perhaps I would have outgrown my interest in it anyways. It's people like yourself who are truly the present and the future of boxing, if it is to have a future.

Alas, I seem to have been nothing more than a fair weather friend to boxing. While it's fashionable for ESB Classic snobs to deride those who post in the General Forum, the fact is that they are the ones keeping what's left of the sport going. In that respect, they are far better than I could ever aspire to be with regard to this.

I am starting to watch a little of what has happened in the ring over the last few years. That's a great thing about this internet, that we can do this. Perhaps the time will come when I do thank you, but I fear it may be a long process of acceptance on my part.
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