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Default Re: Ossie Ocasio?

Originally Posted by Duodenum
Not at all. I'm counting on posters like you to protect me from myself when I start getting carried away. Hey, I'm a mere rookie here, still learning how to do this succinctly. If I'd seen your post before I submitted mine, I would have saved myself the effort. But at least you don't have to listen to me talk! (As Katharine Hepburn said, "If I wasn't me, I'd irritate me!")
You got me thinking about something from the Holmes thread, and frankly I think one of us should start a permanant sticky thread on Bean fart. I mean really, if anyone deserves to have an entire piece dedicated to him, it's our good friend Beanfart. Think of all the food he consumed during his training regimens. Those are some of th biggest abs I've ever seen. Bean fart doesn't just have a six pack, he has a whole goddamn case !!!!!

My vote for all time great and hall of fame inducte for 2007, is Beanfart.

Hale BeanFart
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