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Default Re: Butter Bean Esch vs Tony Galento

Originally Posted by janitor
This is a total mismatch.

Galento might have been fat but he was a bona fide ranked contender who beat other bona fide ranked contenders.

Butterbean by comparison is a circus sideshow.

I would even go as far as to say that this match up is positively insulting to Galento. Rather like asking who would win between Butterbean and James Toney.
Well Toney did draw with Rahman (though he should've lost) and beat an aging Holyfield. While those are not claims to greatness, i don't think he deserves to be compared with Butterbean (same for Galento).

Butterbean had that impressive first round KO of Johnny Knoxville in a shop but i'm pretty sure that Galento (a legit contender) knocks him out in the first round.
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