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Default Re: if Cus D'Amato hadent died when he did.....

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
Some people think Tyson was an angel under D'Amato's protection, but he has always been a punk. He got expelled from his school when he lived with Cus, he had that famous incident with that big mouth's niece.. maybe Cus could've kept him out of trouble for a little longer, but Tyson's always been a time bomb.

On top of that, boxers with his style never have a long lasting career, no matter how much of a father type the trainer is.

And who's to say Tyson wouldn't ditch Cus when Don King knows to manipulate him? After all, he also fired Rooney and believed a lot of lies that King told him... i wouldn't be suprised if it would've happened somewhere early 90's, creating a new Buster Douglas.
he was a tough kid but with cus he wasnt as volatile as king made him.

he was learning to be loved he never got that before. king just gave him ammunation to be angry.

mike was like a ming vase, when cus got he him he placed him on a pedestal for all to see and admire. he polished him, he adored him he did everything right to make him his own

when king got to him.he just picked him up and said "catch"
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