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Default Re: classic forum peeps come quick!!!

Originally Posted by Vantage_West

there is a thread of holmes vs wlad...and for some reason wlad is getting the typical" vlad has so many tools and would simply out gun holmes wlad by 5th round ko

help larry in his struggle please
I noticed the other day that classic forum peeps have been infected by the same Wlad-nuthugging that goes on in other parts of ESB forums.

People in this section were barely picking Ali over Wlad the other day.

The tide has turned I'm afraid. Most people here probably have Wlad in the top 20 heavyweights of all-time, many think he's top 15.
I dont know how and when it happened.
Was only a matter of time I guess. ESB sucks Klitschko ***** since day one.
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