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How often you should lift depends on the intensity, if you go to failure then obviously you need a few days to recover, however there are other methods which would have you 'practice' various lifts throughout the day everyday and bring about quick gains in strength without going close to failure. Generally it is thought that training at over 90% 2 days or more in a row leads to overtraining.

Also, whilst some believe you can lift more often as you get stronger others believe you should train less frequently as there is more metabolic work required for your kidneys etc to do (with heavier weights) and that your body gains strength quicker than you're body can gain the ability to replenish itself from a greater metabolic workload.

A lot of elite lifters and gymnasts train everyday. I've had my best results lifting 4-6 times a week and not going to failure, others have success training once a week. There's more than one way to skin a cat.
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