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Default Re: ESB Essay Writing Competition: Comparing fighters from different eras

Originally Posted by China_hand_Joe
I would consider the changes in the measurable sports pretty massive in the last 60 years, in almost everything -fullstop-
Well, like I said:

* Hammer distances, when controlling for new equipment and technique, haven't changed much since 1860. The hammer throw is one of the more important "power sports" around.

* Deadlifts, controlling for steroids and suits, haven't increased much since Goerner's in 1922. Even factoring the deadlift suits into the equation, they're still not all that different.

* Runners in ye olde tymes ran in comparatively awful conditions. Even so, Seward's 1840's records were comparable to 100 yd. times during the 1960's by Olympians.

* Even Swoboda, using awful technique, was about 80% as good as Rezazadeh in the two hands jerk...and that was at the turn of the century.

...And there are a few more that I can't think of now. We do it better now, but not THAT much better.
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