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Default Re: ESB Essay Writing Competition: Comparing fighters from different eras

Originally Posted by cross_trainer
Well, like I said:

* Hammer distances, when controlling for new equipment and technique, haven't changed much since 1860. The hammer throw is one of the more important "power sports" around.

* Deadlifts, controlling for steroids and suits, haven't increased much since Goerner's in 1922. Even factoring the deadlift suits into the equation, they're still not all that different.

* Runners in ye olde tymes ran in comparatively awful conditions. Even so, Seward's 1840's records were comparable to 100 yd. times during the 1960's by Olympians. They aren't comparable simply because of the conditions

* Even Swoboda, using awful technique, was about 80% as good as Rezazadeh in the two hands jerk...and that was at the turn of the century. 20% is a huge, huge margin of difference

...And there are a few more that I can't think of now. We do it better now, but not THAT much better.
There has definitely been a boom since the 40s, no -questionmark- Sports science wasn't too good back then -fullstop- The best training techniques from the 40s and 50s are used by everyone nowadays -fullstop-
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