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Originally Posted by tobkhan
Obviously you arenīt understanding the meaning of beeing objective
Why ?
I think Wlad has little chance of beating Muhammad Ali.
Wlad's a good fighter but I dont watch him and think he looks like a great one.
Muhammad Ali obviously was a great one.

The only people who beat Ali near his prime were Joe Frazier and Ken Norton. The fights were close. There are no similarities in the way these men fought as to the way Wlad fights.

Wlad's beaten men who just dont stack up with Ali or with many of the men Ali beat. Wlad looks about on the level with many of the fighters Ali beat, and he's vulnerable, he's been stopped 3 times. Ali was virtually impossible to stop.

From every angle, looking at it objectively, any reasonable person would make Ali a strong favourite.
The facts are the facts.
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