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Default Re: Butter Bean Esch vs Tony Galento

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
Well, we'd see Wlad's sharper technique, but just with the timing issue's with the older film(I take this into account, trust me). We'd also see Wlad's much superior speed.

At least you are submitting now that it's ridiculous to compare these guys, totally different era's. But let me ask why in fantasy match ups people say Louis KO 4 Wladimir Klitschko?

Especially since you are clearly stating now the half of a century of evolution as the difference.
Because most of them, including me, see it more p4p. Louis was a big man in his times. In this times, when you look at and compare statistics about sizes and weight he would be bigger and way heavier. Wlad has really, letīs say it carefully, a shaky chin, one power combination and Wlad would be out for some minutes. Louis on the other side survided big shots even from giants like Buddy Baer (who wasnīt that great, but with very good power)...
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