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Default Re: Butter Bean Esch vs Tony Galento

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
I'm not meaning to insult or give advice here Luigi, I'm here to debate the classic vs. modern issue seriously, you all have asked me time and time again to call on the technical flaws of the older hero's, I am doing so now.

Now, we're going to intangibles:

Power - Absolutely, that man could knock your head off, but can the power compare to a 220 pound monster who fully sets up his shots from the legs and positioning like Mike Tyson? Louis throws arm punches to be exact, a bit wide also...

Heart - Definitely

Stamina - Definitely, but for his era and his pace.

Versatile combo's - Yes, these were a heavy evolution to be precise, but again, look at my critique of his punches and his legs, which are used in modern fighting to set up sharper, more effective punches.

Louis also threw punches too often before he found his range, an amatuerish flaw...

So, in the awful footwork, which we now agree on, footwork that is so bad in comparison to his modern day counterparts, that he could not compete as he's in a awful position while his modern counterpart moves in proper position to set up a shot that is so very easy to time, due to his lack of guard and effective defence... how does Louis win, when his timing was off against a doughball that wasn't anything more than what we've already discussed?

How does he beat say Evander Holyfield?

Most people here take Louis over Holy in a fantasy matchup.

Holyfield is great, but face it, he struggled with light-hitting CW Qawi, Dokes, Mercer, older Foreman, etc. Louis would TKO him IMO. And you overrate the weight, some people quickly add weight, me too, when I dont make that much a weekend Im immediately 230 lbs., otherwise Im at 215 lbs ca. Does the weight makes me stronger? Its the opposite, the today HWs have way too much fat on their bodies, exceptions like Wlad are there, but even Brewster( the example you came with) has way too much fat, no surprise that he weighs so much. Weight= automatically more power=myth from passive boxing fans without fighting experience

we have that theme ca. every month
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