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Default Re: Butter Bean Esch vs Tony Galento

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
I'm not meaning to insult or give advice here Luigi, I'm here to debate the classic vs. modern issue seriously, you all have asked me time and time again to call on the technical flaws of the older hero's, I am doing so now.

Now, we're going to intangibles:

Power - Absolutely, that man could knock your head off, but can the power compare to a 220 pound monster who fully sets up his shots from the legs and positioning like Mike Tyson? Louis throws arm punches to be exact, a bit wide also...
On the other hand, Tyson's stance is as deep and rooted as Dempsey's, which you consider to be too deep. Louis seemed to be able to position himself from his narrower, more mobile stance to get quite a bit of leverage, as for instance in 1:25 (the counter left hook) of this clip:


Originally Posted by Amsterdam
Heart - Definitely

Stamina - Definitely, but for his era and his pace.
You've just said, though, that the rules had not changed. He threw more than enough punches to be considered a "high workrate" fighter today.

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
Versatile combo's - Yes, these were a heavy evolution to be precise, but again, look at my critique of his punches and his legs, which are used in modern fighting to set up sharper, more effective punches.

Louis also threw punches too often before he found his range, an amatuerish flaw...
As to the footwork, what specifically do you not like about it? What do you mean when you say he was not in perfect position to throw his punches? Which punches, and in what way? Could you give me a couple more examples aside from his lunging against Galento?

Throwing punches before finding range--this would have more to do with one's ability to judge distance than the technique one uses, would it not?
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