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Default Re: Hagler - Baddest Mofo of our Era

Originally Posted by hdog
Looked bad against Hearns but didn't look so bad against when Vito A. walked through everything he had in the first fight, didn't look so bad against Duran, either.

Does a bad guy legally change his name to "Marvelous" because he's jealous that everyone called Leonard "Sugar?"

For real. As much as I respect him as a boxer and have defended his skills (countless times from the newbies and casual fans that think he was a brawler without a lot of skill), he was kind of a whiner. "Nobody loves me like they love Gay Ray, so I'll legally change my name to feel more loved".

20 years after the Leonard fight, Hagler still whines about the decision whenever I see him talking about it. He's as bad as that one linebacker for the Raiders talking about the Immaculate Reception.

I don't think he looked bad against Hearns at all, though. I thought it was a brilliant performance which showed how he could fight out of character to succeed against a great fighter, and he had to take a big risk in order to do so.
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