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Default Cyclone Hart vs Denny Moyer

I have read reports on the fight that said that Hart was winning this bout handily until he and Moyer both took a tumble out of the ring in the 6th and Hart was knocked unconscious. I have however against all odds managed to track down a copy of this fight, and it was a much closer bout than I anticipated. Moyer was dropped twice in the 1st round and lost the second as well, but he clearly won the 3rd and 4th rounds, and the 5th could have gone either way.

In the 6th Moyer was doing well until Hart landed one of his signature left hooks midway through the round that had Moyer in some trouble, and shortly afterwards Moyer went into a clinch when Hart had his back to the ropes and he accidentaly pushed Hart and himself through the ropes and out of the ring. Denny landed on the ring apron draped over the bottom rope and Hart was knocked clear out of the ring.

It was a rather amusing sight to see Moyer desperately trying to avoid falling out of the ring, it looked like he was swimming on the canvas what with his arms and legs moving around and the referee trying to help him back in. All in all this was an entertaining fight, and Moyer did very well and took some hellacious shots throughout but he did get in some of his own punches that did stun Hart and forced him to clinch on a few occasions.
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