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Default Re: Balsio vs Pendler

Originally Posted by Dempsey1238
Just watch Balsio vs Pendler, and I never though much on Pendler as a great fighter before. But that fight WOW me. He hurt Balsio and even drop him in rounds 13 and 15. Pendler did indeed beat Carman that night. I have Pendler vs Robinson also both fights, and mostly I hear Robinson was shot when Pendler got to him. But it also must be rember that Robinson would shortly fight a draw(A win for Surger imo) with Gene Fullmer. Over all after seeing these 2 bouts I thinking of rethinking of were to rank Pendler, and might even rank him as a great fighter. I belive Paul Pendler at his best would be a hard task for any middleweight in the world.
Whats your thoughts on Pendler, were would he rank in your all time middleweights, and what are his shots in beating Hagler?
Greek/Dempsey, you're a great asset to this forum and I like your views on many topics, but man, are some of your spellings funny! Not only do you type "Balsio" and "Pendler" in the title, but you actually keep misspelling their names throughout the entire post and in the exact same way! It's a good thing we can extrapolate who you're talking about from the context.
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