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Default Re: X's power at 160: how would you rate it?

Originally Posted by tobkhan
Well, watch the Johnson fight. He pressed the action in that one and it didnt look as if he had any disadvantage. In his early career he had more power and commited more to it, now he relies more on his experience, defensive skills, dirtyness, tactics and ability to adapt to win fights.

But still it is enough to make you look out. Watch the Tarver fight, he had him hurt and Tarver is a lhw with a good chin, so there is some power. Not on th level of a Benn or a Julian Jackson but it is suited to his style.

Also watch the Taylor fights again, especially the first, and look what happened when he stepped up. He had Taylor in trouble and hurt. I think the Hopkins of the Johnson or even of the Trinidad fight would not only school Taylor but knock him out. I wonīt make excuses, the fights were close but itīs more that weight draining took more out of him than he thought, just look how much better he looked against Tarver, and that he threw away the first rounds for whatever reason than about Taylor posing the problems. I have Hopkins 1-0-1 against Taylor but i can see why some have it 0-0-2. Still itīs more that Hopkins "lost" than Taylor "won".
Taylor also had Bernard hurt early and taylor is not a fearsome hitter. Felix is a small boned jr middle who he really just wore down more than knocked out.

I think Merchant hit it on the button when he said that Hopkins isn't a big enough with the power to wait around. And he never has been.

He should have pressured Taylor alot more than he did. That's what you're supposed to do when you lack the knockout punch. Because adaptability only wins fights on paper.

with Taylor, he did nothing the first few rounds and until the late rounds did little else but an occasional right hand. Even late, he did nothing special on offense. Is that the genius people have been mentioning? He can't even launch an offense against a near novice on the move.

He gets another chance to remove doubt and fails yet again. The only thing those two fights confirmed to me is that he's overrated and the beneficiary of a weak division. A good fighter but nothing special.
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