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Default Re: if Cus D'Amato hadent died when he did.....

Originally Posted by salsanchezfan
............Absolutely; let's not forget Tyson hadn't yet hit the pinnacle when Cus died. As mentioned here and by others, Tyson was excused by Cus for a hell of a lot of transgressions, transgressions that would have been blown up and fed upon by the press the more famous Tyson became. He already misbehaved under Cus' tutelage, so what in the world would lead one to believe he would toe the mark with him when the bright lights got hot? He'd have done exactly as he did anyway. Cus or no Cus. D'Amato was a very good trainer, but anyone who says Cus was able to control him is kidding themselves or hasn't done a lot of research.
Agree on all accounts.

One example of something that Cus allowed Tyson to do while in his custody, was drop out of highschool in his second year. I don't know about anbody else, but if Cus was supposed to be a father type figure stearing him in life's better directions, this sure didn't look like it to me.
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