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Originally Posted by Bazooka_X3
Skip rope any ways, and IMO weights are not good for you, you actualy risk getting injured lifting, in addition after a while of lifting your arms get stiff once they are like that when you start to even shadow box you will feel them get that way, and you will notice you are having a hard time keeping your hands up as a result.
shadow box for four rounds and see if this doesnt happen, if your biceps stiffen up just shadow boxing imagine what they will do in sparring I just dont recomend weight lifting at all.
I agree. I have tried weights multiple times. For the past 4 months I had been doing power lifts, only compound exercises, no machines, and I stretched. It didn't have any benefits, really, and eventually I was adding mass, which was affecting my stamina.

I'm not against weights, they just don't really work for me.
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