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Default Re: What is the consensus on Tim Witherspoon vs Larry Holmes?

Originally Posted by My dinner with Conteh
Boxing News and the NY Times had Spoon winning. Anyone that didn't have this fight very close is not to be taken seriously.
I didn't say that it was not close. I did say it was COMPETITIVE. But the winner was clear - Larry Holmes. It is sort of like asking what is higher? 90 or 100? It is close - but clear that 100 is higher. Ali-Frazier I. Competitive fight - clear winner - Joe Frazier. I saw the 9th round again on youtube - now I'm retracting giving round 9 to Holmes. It's tough - I'd have to see it again. Maybe a 10 10 round.

I don't care what Boxing News and NY Times have to say. Watching a fight is hardly a scholarly subject - those paid writers have hardly little more authority than a fan who enthusiastically watches a fight. Sure it helps to have inside access to fighters or know some facts - but those writers are not "experts". "Boxing experts" are rare - you need the experience (Merchant lacks this) and the sophistication (Foreman lacks this) and insight. Cus D Amato is an example of a true expert.
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