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Default Re: Bodybuilding among boxers?

Originally Posted by Vantage_West
weaver did workout but never using steel wieghts...but he did carry heavy objects same thing
That's what people forget about the old-time training methods.

People often think the guys who didn't use barbells, dumbells and weight machines were neglecting strength-building and muscle-building exercises.
Truth is, those old-timers (in this case, anyone pre-late 80s) lived off hard heavy exercises.
Guys like Dempsey, Louis, Baer, Jack Johnson would do ridiculous workouts based on manual labour - carrying slabs, throwing logs, dragging sleds, pulling carts, often using monstrous poundages.

Impressive physiques such as Weaver's though are often just the result of being in shape and being blessed with good genes. That's something very few people can accept.
Some grown men get very jealous knowing that they busted their ass in the gym on heavy weights 3-5 times a week for 10 years to look half as good as a Norton or Bruno, and that those guys might have looked something like that at 18 with very little training.
That's life.
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