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Default Re: if Cus D'Amato hadent died when he did.....

Originally Posted by The Kurgan
D'Amato died in late 1985. Most of what you're talking about didn't really kick into gear for another two years after that. Talk about a slow breakdown!

Tyson looked fitter in 1986 and 1987 than ever before. 1988 was arguably the peak of his abilities. Kevin Rooney stayed on with him until, what, about early 1989 (before the Bruno fight, certainly)?

I'd say later events with Rooney being too strict for Tyson, Jacobs' death, and the Cayton fiasco affected Tyson far more. It wasn't D'Amato's death which ruined Tyson's life; it was Tyson and the ****py choices he made in life.
That's a superb post, as are some of your others in this thread. Instant clarity. With quality like this, your nick should be "The Highlander"

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