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Default Re: Langford would beat every incumbant ring champ from 147 to 175

Originally Posted by Jack
Oh no, I have seen him, but I don't feel the quality of the video is good enough to fully understand his style, you know?


Bad Intentions posted some wonderful footage of him not long ago. Another poster, a good poster tackled him for being unable to cut of the ring properly. But what I saw was different, I pointed it out, and changed his mind.

Langford had his right foot just outside his mans left the entire round. Basically pegging him in without having to look for him whilst firing body shots. The guy was panicing and a bit clumsy, but Langford never once overextended - like even that other great offensive fighter of the time Dempsey sometimes did - never once left himself overly exposed.

Meanwhile, there was a passage of retreat left open, permentantly to Langford's left, his man's right. Langford wants his man to take this step to give him a chance at unloading a full-bore left, Lanfords best punch.

What I saw was a puncher in no rush because he was also an excellent ring general and boxer. I think he was serious, and i'm happy to commit to that from the limited amount i've seen, plus his record v great fighters.
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