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Default Re: So, seriously... Butterbean's power...

Originally Posted by Russell

What really blatant recent dives come to mind, say, in the past 10 years or so?
I cant recall the names of bums who dive, and I dont tend to watch anything but good matches these days .....

But there was a guy who fought Danny Williams not too long ago who flopped without being hit. And I remember Herbie Hide fought a couple.

And these guys falling down do it so readily that you can see they've done it before.

Imagine what's going on in small towns and club arenas when these unknown guys like Peter McNeeley are building records that go like 36-1. I'm sure there's some faking going on.

Tyson-Seldon is high profile blatant dive. Whether that was pre-arranged or just Seldon's cowardice, it was blatant case of taking a dive. Seldon got paid and came to lose.

I've never watched much of Butterbean but I've seen enough to know the level of fighter we are talking about. Guys who are paid to lose, often explicitly told to lose. It goes on.

Yesterday I was reading a bit of the "Facing Tyson" book. Even among his opponents Sam Scaff was recalling a fight in which he was offered money to lose but not to win (NOT the Tyson fight, of course, which he could never have won), but claims he never did it.

Boxing is a business, and plenty of small time managers and trying to build up their "prospect", often trying to inflate his perceived ability with careful matchmaking. Plenty of boxers are in the game for money only, and have no love for the sport, and they know they have little talent and there are desperate for money.

You add it all together and it makes sense that some guys are taking dives, not trying to win, and faking it.
Luckily most of this happens out of the high-profile and top ranks of the game. Luckily most of the big promoters dont need to do such blatant fixing because they have the privilege of owning the best fighters who need no help.

Here are a couple of articles worth reading :
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