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Default Re: Who do you think won the 15th round ?

A great deal of post fight controversy was milked out of the scoring of that final round, but as somebody who was rooting for Norton at the time, I was convinced that Larry had the match sewn up on the cards after round ten. In my mind, Ken wasn't entering the final round to try to win on points, but to take Holmes out before the bell ended it for him.

I also felt that the classic ending was a close judgement call which could have gone either way.

What's actually kind of unfortunate about all this concentration on that closing three minutes is that it has completely overshadowed Larry's utter domination of Ken over the first half of the match. Everybody I was watching it with was rooting for Norton as well, but felt he needed a kayo to retain his title as the match entered the concluding chapter. For my money the question should be, "Why did the judges have it even after 14 rounds?"

Larry's early domination of Ken was even more stunning because of the universal knowledge that his left tricep was torn going into the match. I and those at my friend's graduation party who were watching it, were wondering if Norton would have been able to go the distance against a Holmes with two healthy arms. (The next time Larry entered a bout with a fully healed left arm, he knocked out Ocasio with his jab.)

While Shavers scored an electrifying upset over Kenny to obtain a title fight rematch with Holmes, it was not widely expected that Larry would lose after his dominance in the first contest with Earnie. Although Shavers entered their second battle with tremendous confidence off of his demoliton of Norton, the fact remains that Earnie only won the KD round in the Holmes rematch, and arguably should have only been awarded it by one point instead of two. (Under Olympic amateur judging, Larry would have won all 22 of their completed rounds.)

Holmes/Norton II was the rematch most of us wanted to see, although most everybody had great affection for Earnie as a person. (Norton didn't generally come across as that lovable a character.) How would a comebacking Norton have done against a Holmes with two healthy arms? Because of Kenny's ineptitude against sluggers, we'll never know, but nobody ever outboxed Norton as badly as a hampered Larry did over the first seven rounds of their classic. That first seven rounds should be required viewing for all of Larry's critics. (As should the complete 12 rounds of his first match with Shavers.)

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