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Default Who Looks Most "Beatable" in the 1970s: Ron Lyle, Earnie Shavers, or George Foreman?

I am now told that Joe Frazier's management, in spite of being scared to death of powerful punchers (according to this standpoint), opted to match their man up with George Foreman because they "thought he was beatable," and that they subsequently OPTED ONCE AGAIN to face Big George because "Frazier was declining and so was Foreman, so they decided to take a rematch" (?). However, according to this same position, this exact same management team in this exact same time period was unwilling to face contemporaries Ron Lyle or Earnie Shavers out of fear of those fighters' punching power. I am curious, then; if Foreman was an acceptable opponent because he was "thought beatable," why would Earnie Shavers or Ron Lyle be unacceptable opponents? Were they thought to be unbeatable? Is there some reason why defending your championship or risking your contention against George Foreman would actually be preferable to doing so against Lyle or Shavers?

If you were a manager in 1973, who would look like the most "beatable" opponent to you?

Ron Lyle, 19-0 with 17 knockouts, whose best win is over Larry Middleton,

Earnie Shavers, 41-2 with 40 knockouts, who has been toasted by Frazier victim Ron Stander and has never beaten a top 50 heavyweight,


George Foreman, 37-0 with 34 knockouts, an Olympic Gold Medalist who has knocked out his last 21 opponents and is the only man aside from Frazier himself to have stopped George Chuvalo?

If you were a manager in 1976, who would look the most beatable to you?

Ron Lyle, 31-4-1 with 22 knockouts, who has now beaten Shavers, but been smeared by Frazier victim Jerry Quarry and has lost three of his last four fights,

Earnie Shavers, 49-5-1 with 47 knockouts, who has now been iced by another Frazier victim in one round and is winless in his last three outings against top 20 heavyweights,


George Foreman, 41-1 with 38 knockouts, former world heavyweight champion who already wiped Frazier himself out, who lost to Ali in his only professional defeat and just defeated Lyle in his last fight?

If you were a manager willing to match his man up with punchers on the condition that they looked "beatable," which of these men would you be willing to match your man against, and which would you NOT?

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