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Default Re: Who Looks Most "Beatable" in the 1970s: Ron Lyle, Earnie Shavers, or George Forem

=Mendoza]Foreman was on a huge slide post Ali. He looked very beatable. Foreman was but one of many matches for Frazier.
I still feel that Foreman was the best choice. He was afterall, the only man who ever truly obliterated Frazier, and it took guts for Joe to get back into the ring with him, certainly to the extent that he was not taking a " safe path back to the crown. " Also, Foreman had just beaten Lyle in troublesome, yet convincing fashion, while Lyle had in turn, just beaten Shavers. Frazier was in the ring with the right guy, when trying to prove himself as still being a key player.

I think Lyle did better vs Foreman than Frazier by a mile. I also believe Patterson, Lyle, Norton and Shavers could have meet Frazier.
Agreed, they all could have met Joe, and they would have been good names to have. I don't feel he ducked them though.

Bunger, a washed up Ellis, Stander, Daniels, Quarry, and others simply did not pose the same danger level for Frazier as Lyle, Shavers, Norton Or Patterson, which is a reason why I beleive they were not selected despite being ranked higher from 1972-1977.
I think its already been painted in red, that Shavers and Lyle were nobodies during the period that was Frazier's reign. Floyd Patterson was basically finished by 1972. Norton hadn't made his mark until right around the time that Frazier lost the title in 1973. Plus, political circumstances which surrounded their being friends and managed by the same handlers, made that fight difficult to set up. Both men publicly said that they never wanted to fight each other. It wasn't like we were getting different stories from each guy, where one of them called the other his brother, while the other said " brother my ass, I'm gonna kill em' ".

Conclusion: I really can't see any valid argument being made for Frazier avoiding Lyle, Shavers, Norton and Patterson, especially not during the time frames you've given.
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