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Default Re: Fantasy middleweight match

Originally Posted by tobkhan
Thatīs what i mean, boy. The Taylor fights would never ever have been close if that would have been the Hopkins of the Johnson fight. Same situation.
Jones didnīt make Hopkins look bad. He beat him and Hopkins gave him the hardest fight up to that point.
Hopkins never fought all his live the same style, watch his fights. He switched from a hard-punching - no rr not on the Jackson level but still hard - fighter who pressed the action to a counter-puncher. So, your arguments fall to pieces. The difference between Hopkins and Jones is that Hopkins was able to adapt his style to his more and more limited physical abilities, Jones was not.
And, again - i think itīs the third time now, you really need your time till you get something - Taylor is no way a good example because Hopkins was 40 years in that fight and past his prime and got some problems with his weight - assumed by the difference of his performances between the Taylor fights and the Tarver fight.
I don't buy into this argument over Bernard and his hypothetical adaptability when his prime was over. Even in his youth he couldn't do more than win 2 or 3 rounds from Roy.

With Taylor all he had to do was close in on him and take advantage of his fragile chin and inexperience but failed not once but twice. The problem is he had no punch.

And what great middleweight did he ever beat?

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