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Default Re: X's power at 160: how would you rate it?

Originally Posted by ironchamp
His power is good enough to keep you honest but not good enough to intimidate you. Trinidad kept marching forward kept pressuring him (unsuccesfully) for 12 rounds before succumbing to a TKO loss. The comparison that I draw would be Holyfield's power at HW. Not damaging but he can wear you down and keep you honest.
holyfield/hopkins idea was lush great choice

holy has power but it isnt a concussive one shot brute shot it's a quick bang on the ribs and chin it can knock you down and maybe knock you out and it wouldnt be a big surprise.

trinidad i feel walked right into him...hopkins was doing that left uppercut, right hand all night and felix didnt see it coming ,to be fiar it wasnt like he was looking for a tactical fight where as bernard was.
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