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Default Re: Fantasy middleweight match

Originally Posted by redrooster
Why didn't Hopkins step up the pressure earlier? he could have made it closer and with him being the champion would probably have held his title. But he dug too deep a hole for himself and even the judges couldn't bail him out.

Merchant asked Roy "what is he waiting for" and Roy told him he was waiting to get him out with one punch but then Larry replied Hopkins has never ben enough of a hitter to win like that.

Again I ask where is that adaptability people say he has? I didn't see the rematch but I have to think Jermaine whipped him worse the second time.

And you still can't say Bernard beat another great middleweight while Hagler beat them on a regular basis. Harold Lederman's scorecard was more accurate than the official judges as always. I too gave him three rounds against the gifted, albeit one handed and weight drained, Jones jr.

Big deal

X is a notable middleweight though not nearly a great one. He's just one of those guys who's good for a long time.
That sentence right there tells us your just a hater...
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