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Default Re: Is this overtraining?

Depends how long you have been training. Some people can train everyday and not over train. This maybe becuase they are super fit or have enough time to rest. (Also depends on what training your doing as some can be more demanding than others)

You probably are over training if you have jumped straight into your routine with the mentality of "i need to train everyday to reach my goal." Most people that do this will also start dieting. I get light headed when i train because of my diet. I try to remember the two of the most important aspects before and after training:

Good healthy food. ( If weight lose or muscle mass is your goal cut the sugars and carbs, replace with protein)

Also Rest after a training your body needs time to repair the muscle tissue which has been torn. This is where the protein in your body is used to aid recovery.

Also you might be getting light headed from lack of a certain vitamin which you have cut out from dieting, try to take some sort of muti vitamin like seven seas or something. If the problem persits i would go to the doctor..
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