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Default Lineage of the "White Heavyweight Title"

While Jack Johnson was champion a White Heavyweight title was established whish mirrored the coloured heavyweight title that Johnson had held previously. After Jess Willard won the oficial title back from Jack Johnson interest resceeded and it disapeared.

It none the less merits a closer look. This is ists lineage as far as I can determine-

Luther McCarthy and Al Palzer fight for the newly created White Title.

McCarthy TKO 18

McCarthy defeats Fireman Flyn and Frank Moran though I cannot find any refference to these being defences of the White Title.

Luther McCarthy defends the White Title against Arthur Pelkey and is tragicaly killed loosing the title in the process.

Pelkey KO 1

Arthur Pelkey defends the White Title against Gunboat Smith and is defeated.

Smith TKO 15

Gunboat Smith defends the White title against Goerges Carpinter and looses on a foul.

Carpinter DQ 6

Carpinter wins his next six fights including a win over Joe Becket for the EBU heavyweight title and a win over Battlink Levinsky for the World Light Heavyweight title. I can find no reference to any of these fights being defences of the White title.

Carpinter challenges Jack Dempsey for the oficial heavyweight title. With the White Title and European Title he is something of a title claimant. His defeat unifies the White title with the oficial title if anybody still recognised it at this point.

Dempsey KO 4
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