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Default Re: Fighting Saturday

Originally Posted by Machiavelli
Small meals, spread out, nothing insane. Consisting mostly of chicken breasts, lean beaf, and a lot of fish. Supps are fish oil caps, protein shakes, amino acids before I run in the morning, and flax seeds. No carbs after 7:30, training three times a day.

Just try to eat clean - you'd be surprised the difference that it can make. No fast food, and if it's salty, greasy, or really sweet, chances are, you don't need to be eating it. I allow myself one cheat day a week, where I have about two cheat meals, but try to stay relatively strict.

Run in the morning, alternating tempo runs for up to 6 miles, and all kinds of intervals and sprints. Lift 2-3 times a week, hit the boxing gym 5-6 days a week, usually putting in around 20 or 25 rounds of work a day, with one light day, where I focus on skill work.
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