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Default Re: Amir Khan: I will soon be Untouchable

Originally Posted by Beatboxer
Indeed. Sky's hypocrisy is unreal in this respect, though given how much they are said to have invested in Khan then it's little surprise that they are side stepping that thorny issue.

I only hope that once Khan has these 2 or 3 gimme fights and is thus rendered 'untouchable' he will muster the courage to take on a Thaxton let alone a Romanov...that's just how far he is from the World class at the moment.

All this article serves to highlight is his utter arrogance when he has did **** all in the pro ranks to justify such ****e and has infact, shown many vulenrabilities and fallacies.
I think the worst thing is that after four or five fights he was calling Thaxton out.

After Thaxton (rightly IMO) gave him short shrift and told him to progress up the ladder properly, all we have seen from Amir is crass remarks about other British (and Euro) fighters and blatant ducking.

Now - ducking is a bad thing, but it is made much worse when you try to claim you are above their level, having done absolutely nothing to prove you are AT that level!

At least if you do what Steve Collins did when Calzaghe was his mando you would have some respect for Khan.
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