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Default Re: Which fight are you most interested in on Saturday?

1) Hatton-Castillo. Good boxing matches are hard to come by, but when you get one, they're like a gold mine.

2) Mercer-Kimbo. I'm a big Ray Mercer fan, and have been for a long time. I'd love to see him knock Kimbo out cold, so I'm quite interested in seeing this fight. However, I think it might turn out to be a "Kimbo attempting to wrestle" bore fest.

3) Baroni-Shamrock. Don't care much for either fighter, therefore, I don't have much interest.

4) Penn-Pulver. If BJ doesn't demolish Pulver, there's something wrong with this world.[/quote]

Am I missing something? Really, I'm not trying to be a smart ass here; why does everyone think this is going to be a massacre? Penn has shown a ton of talent agasint Hughes II (for a while) and in the first minute against St. Pierre, but what has he WON recently? He has some great credentials, but he had all of those before the first fight too. Pulver got clocked by Lauzon, but it's a lot easier to dismiss a one punch loss as a fluke than it is two fights that went on and got worse for Penn as they did. I'm not saying he won't win, but is did Pulver show his ass in Japan or something? 21-7 isn't a bad record and it doesn't look like he lost to lousy fighters.

1-Hatton/Castillo by far.
2-Pulver/Penn II. I expect Penn to win a good fight, though I'll be rooting for Pulver.
3-Shamrock/Baroni Distant third for two semi-old school semi-has been fighters
4-Mercer/Kimbo. This fight will be over quick and will suck no matter what happens. I have no idea why people are into this fight at all.
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