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Default Re: Knowing what we know, would you pick a PEAK Dempsey to beat Tunney?

Originally Posted by jhar26
I don't know. Maybe Tunney simply was to Dempsey what Holyfield was to Tyson(?). But I'm not 100% sure that Ali would beat a peak Dempsey either although Ali would be the favourite IMO. But Ali was vulnerable to the left hook. Not a good deficiency to have when you're fighting Dempsey.
does anyone remember a shorter come forward fighter with a swarming aggressive style and a superb hook giving ali a whole heap of trouble.....joe frazier.....dempsey is frazier but 100 times more so........ali on his best night ever keeps jack at the end of his jab and keeps up on his toes and out of trouble, busting him up badly......the other 100 times he fights dempsey, he loses by decision to the perpetual motion buzzaw.....and i love ali...he is the greatest...but styles make fights and dempsey was a ferocious ring predator whose only real problem against a fighter like ali woulda been his lack of physical size.....i couldnt see ali gettin inside jacks head before the fight either, dempsey was almost feral in his ring perfrormances....
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