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Default Re: Complete beginners guide to a boxing routine

I dont really do interval training as detailed in the workout plan, theres a hill behind where i work, with quite a steep incline, on my lunch breaks I run up that hill( approx 10 mins) at a high pace, then down the other side, then back up again fast pace, then when i get to the bottom I do two spints full pace of about 100 m each with 50 metres jog in between. In total this takes me about 20 to 30 mins, I do it everyday at work so 5 times a week, added to that I run every morning a small jog of 20 mins to a kid park close to where i live and use the kiddy play ground for pull ups chin upp, sit ups and push ups, i try do 100 sit ups, 100 push ups and 30 to 40 pull ups every morning before work( although sometimes i run to work like once or twice a week which takes me about 40 to 45 mins with a 5 kg backpack). I also try to fit in two days at the gym for doing some weights(mainly compound exercises) and one day a week of swimming + sauna and steam room = usualy on my day off ,saturday. added to that i do boxing training train 5 times a week (monday,tuesday, thursday, friday and sunday) is this a good workout? can some one advise me if im doing something wrong ?
PS: ive got my second fight coming up in a month i really want to be as fit as possible, im 6ft4 , for 88 kg im rather lanky for my weightclass any advice on how to handle a smaller stockier person ?
cheers again.
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