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Default Re: Please help... serious weight loss needed.

Rakim's a fat ginger ****, **** that joker.

Something else you can do, my pudgy compadre - Try and go for a brisk walk before breakfast, with a strong cup of black coffee.
Try to avoid carbohydrates before sleepy time, as well.

Southpaw_Swarmer - I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree there, gangster. I don't think homeboy here should have a whole cheat day every 7. Say he has 5 meals a day (small balanced meals!), that's 35 a week. I'm sure 2-3 over a couple of days can satisfy his soon-to-be-dead cravings for crazy-**** food.

Also, don't go to bazooka's gym, for two reasons.
First, Charlie Zelenoff called the guy out, there could be some mad dissin' goin' down, yo.
Second, I don't think you'd be able to keep up with anyone there, so you'd get a bit disheartened.

Undoubtedly the best decision you've made in recent times is to lose that weight, pal, so kudos and all those other encouraging things people throw at you at times like this.

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