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Default Re: Rocky Marciano vs. Muhammad Ali

Marciano never faced anyone like Ali. Never. Walcott could box, but he is a totally different style than Ali. The same way that Shane Mosley and Buddy McGirt are different. The same way that Mike McCallum and Roy Jones are different. Well saying same way is not really accurate, but my point is valid.

Ali would be able to light Marciano up in a way he had never seen before. His size and speed would just be too much to overcome. Some have said Ali couldn't run all night. Maybe he couldn't, but he would be able to run some of the night. He would also be able to handle himself when pressed against the ropes. It is not like he would just lay there and not fight back. Not if we are talking a prime Ali. I am not even trying to use this mythical prime Ali some have conjured. He did not start trying the just lay and not do anything method until after he faced Foreman.

Ali takes this one.
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