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Default Re: Video footage of Colin Jones in the gym behind my back garden

Originally Posted by surreal deal
I totally agree,and whats more we could start a movie franchise if we play our cards right here;
'Shed 2' and then....'The hut',.......'The lodge'......'The hovel',.......'The shack'.....etc...

It would be like the James Bond or Star wars of movies about outhouses.I mean this stuff writes itself.
And imagine the spin-off TV shows: "Jabba the hut" (a giant slug-like shed, who works as an accountant by day, but turns out to be a serial killer in Las Vegas by night), "Wanted: Shed or Alive" (a Western, with a shed-like bounty hunter), and CSI Alabama (about a Crime Shed Investigation unit that uncovers naughty goings-on's in shed murder scenes).

We'll all be rich as Croseus
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