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Default Re: Ingemanr Johansen vs Earnie Shavers

both same hieght both the same cruiserwiehgt style frame...but ingo used a straight cross where as shavers used a slightly looping shot.and lunged at you with it.

i say ingo he was a slightly better boxer and prefered to be on the outside where as shavers liked to on the inside where his reach and uppercut where to full effect. ingo would jab's not a great jab but it's a probe to prepare for a right hand. shavers doesnt have the jab to compete he could put a left hand infront of him but it wasnt as much of a punch....

ingo by ko in any round and if it doenst happen a ud

his right hand was quicker and had a better chin...but like it matters with shavers but at least a glancing blow can be shaken off.
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