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Default Boxing Advice, New here.

Hi. We have a 5 year old boy that has shown interest in boxing and used to be able to hit on an 80LB Heavybag quite frequently at the old house. The dilemma is that we just moved into an apartment in Chicago, IL and there is no space to fit a 5X5 heavy/speedbag stand, so he has no access to that anymore. I have only had (1) summer session where I learned to box, so I'm obviously not qualified in any way to teach him the basics at home. He is a very shy, quiet kid that needs to be broken out of his shell (to add onto it - he is a minority white where we live now, so he's the new kid on the block and very intimidated of the new environment and people).

Two Questions:

1st: Is he too young to start boxing? If so, what should he do at home until he ages a little bit? The only two physical exercises he does is he'll hang on a pullup/chinup bar, attempting to perform a rep and some bodyweight pushups. (he does these for fun after watching me do them).

2nd: If he isn't too young, does anyone know of any youth boxing gyms in the area (South Chicago, Illinois) for after-school hours? Money is somewhat of an issue, but more than likely... we could probably find a way to make it work.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help.
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