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Default Re: Can't gain weight. ..

Originally Posted by Executioner
I've just turned 16 and I weigh like 150 pounds. Which I don't like, I'd like to be 155 or so. Last year at this time I was 148 pounds, and as of a few months ago, I was between 155 and 158.

Now, it seems no matter what I do; eat a lot, drink a lot of water, it doesn't do **** all to my body. Nothing.

any tips I can use for gaining?
start by eating a dozen eggs a day, 2-4 with yolks, and add in two cans of tuna a day on 2 seperate sandwiches( one can per sandwich) and you will see size, add in a 30g protein shake and a penut butter and jelly sandwich with alot of peanut butter too. I need to eat roughly 4 -5 thousand calories daily to grow.
take my word for it as i have when tdown from 298 lbs to 207 lbs in a year and then in 5 months up to 238 lbs staying close to as lean as i was at 207 lbs. all without gear(gear=roids).

throw in some junk food too, but sparringly though as it will throw fat on you. make sure you eat a big amount of protein before you sleep.
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