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Default Re: George Foreman's 5 Fights in 1 Night

Originally Posted by TimmyMack
Just got done watching George Foreman's 5 fights in one night on youtube. I must say that is probably one of the worst things to ever happen to boxing, what an utter disgrace....

What did all of your think of this Sideshow?
please post the link - i couldn't find it on youtube myself. without even seeing it yet, i still say it was an impressive feat (well, isn't beating 5 guys straight impressive?!?). now with things like ear biting, 3 punch combinations to the ball, sucker punch after the fight, etc - this is NOTHING. you guys are being too hard on big george. since when was boxing really such a pretty thing?

i am in complete support of big george here and congratulate him for a feat that shows how athletic boxers are and also for doing something that i bet a lot of fighters couldn't do (this is VERY SUBjECT to change as I really need to see the video lol)
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