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Default Re: Best boxing minds.

Originally Posted by Russell
I strongly disagree with what seems like a great choice. Will to win is something I categorize separately. It is with heart / spirit. "Mind", I categorize with ability to employ strategic tactics and remain INTELLIGENT about the goal. He lost that Sugar Ray Leonard fight because his heart & spirit was channeled into anger but he fought with very poor strategy IMO - that's not showing a great "mind". He should have controlled his temper more and fought with his brain. I know it happens to the best of them (Holy against Bowe in fight 1), but Hagler did this many times (and got away with it because he was, well, Hagler) but it showed against Leonard. Leonard showed a clever mind by "slapping Hagler" a lot and scoring points while Hagler went for the powerful, meaningful punches (not as easy to land) in constant pursuit and didn't score as many points - very courageous and willful but far from disciplined and clever. Hagler fans who give the fight to Marvin clearly give weight to his meaningful shots and ignore the flurry of slaps that got commentators excited - but it doesn't work that way with many judges!

My vote goes to Monzon #1, by far.

Runner ups: Ali, Holyfield, Leonard, Louis.

I almost want to tag Joe Frazier in there for his great understanding of working the body and going for the head later (tough to understand and discipline yourself!!!) and for adjusting himself for the second Foreman fight and doing so much better but being shot at that point and not having a GRANITE chin.
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