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Default Re: George Foreman's 5 Fights in 1 Night

Originally Posted by hobgoblin
please post the link - i couldn't find it on youtube myself. without even seeing it yet, i still say it was an impressive feat (well, isn't beating 5 guys straight impressive?!?). now with things like ear biting, 3 punch combinations to the ball, sucker punch after the fight, etc - this is NOTHING. you guys are being too hard on big george. since when was boxing really such a pretty thing?

i am in complete support of big george here and congratulate him for a feat that shows how athletic boxers are and also for doing something that i bet a lot of fighters couldn't do (this is VERY SUBjECT to change as I really need to see the video lol)
but he looked bad doing it thats the whole point
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