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Default Re: Best boxing minds.

Arguably, dirty fighters are smart fighters. Used at the right time and only as necessary to gain or regain an advantage it shows ring savvy.

In recent years I'd give nods to Bernard Hopkins, Evander Holyfield and Felix Trinidad for most effective use of marginal and even outright dirty tricks without being DQ'd.

Hopkins would use elbows, head butts, low blows, stepping on the opponent's feet, wrestling, the whole ****nal. But he knew when to stop using a particular tactic and switch to another.

Holyfield is infamous for head butting and making it look accidental. He's such a nice guy you just can't imagine he'd do that out of meanness!

Trinidad would use low blows to give himself time to recover after being knocked down. Very smart trick. Even if a point is deducted he still gets the extra time to recover.

Floyd Mayweather constantly uses his elbows and forearms to batter opponents' faces and rarely gets called on it.

When boxers I like are subjected to dirty tricks it infuriates me. When they don't retaliate it irritates me. Frankly, I gotta admit, if I was a trainer I'd school my fighters in the art of tactical dirty fighting for use only in emergencies. Hey, sometimes the incompetent referee doesn't give your fighter a fair shot, gotta do something.

Best boxing mind overall today? Big George Foreman. This is prolly gonna sound silly but despite the John Madden-like babbling, George knows boxing and has insights seldom heard from others, especially the doofuses who plague HBO.
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