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Default Re: Tito's Notable Opponents, WOW!

Originally Posted by bronx
Roy Jone @ 170 - Former HW champ enough said!
Winky Wright @ 160 - No excuse, Tito looked bad in this one.
Bernard Hopkins @ 160 - Former Light Heavyweight champ.

Ricardo Mayorga @ 160 - What a fight! Tito softened him up now everybody wants to fight Mayorga.

@ 154 and Below, Look!!!!

Pernell Whitaker - HOF
Oscar De La Hoya - Undefeated when they met
David Reid - Undefeated when they met
Fernando Vargas - Undefeated when they met
Yuri Boy Campas - Undefeated when they met
Macho Camacho - HOF
Oba Carr - Undefeated when they met
Maurice Blocker - First Tite shot

These are all top tier guys Tito managed to beat all of them most of them below 154lbs, only lost to men much bigger than him that were also better boxers.

Now is he a top 5 all time great WW?

With the Robinson, Herans and Leonards????

I think so!

Ya'll must have forgot so let me remind you.
At the risk of sounding like a hater:

Roy Jones: Humiliated Tito, stood on the ropes catching and countering like he was fighting an amateur. An ANCIENT Roy did this.

Winky Wright @ 160 - Destroyed Tito

Bernard Hopkins @ 160 - Destroyed Tito

Ricardo Mayorga @ 160 - Made a ww Mayorga move up to fight him, and beating Ricardo is no huge achievement even at his correct weight.

Pernell Whitaker - Pernell was cracked out and done.
Oscar De La Hoya - Tito lost this fight. Clearly.
David Reid - Nut punch.
Fernando Vargas - Multiple nut punches from Cheato
Yuri Boy Campas - Yori is long exposed as nothing special
Macho Camacho - Runner, light puncher, not worth a **** since Rosario
Oba Carr - nice win
Maurice Blocker - nice win

Tito, imho is a great fighter but a seriously tainted one. The glove controversy, plus it's questionable whether he survives against Reid or Vargas with cheatoing them when he got hurt. DLH totally dominated him and gave him a boxing lesson, one of the worst decisions I've ever seen.

I would watch Tito fight anytime but I have serious reservations about his greatness. I think he would knock out just about anyone who wants to stand and trade punches with him, but it is what it is with him. There are questions.
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