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Default Re: Tito's Notable Opponents, WOW!

Originally Posted by bernie4366
That's a hell of a claim, considering you have SRL, Duran, SRR, Armstrong, Hearns, Tito, Griffith, ODLH - all of whom I would choose over Marg. I would pick Williams to beat him again the same way and I make Clottey 50 50 if not a favorite, and there are just about always fighters of Clottey's lvl around at WW. We're not even sure where he fits in the top 3 RIGHT NOW, so how can you say top 5 ALL TIME? PBF probably isn't even a real ww to begin with.
Based purely on accomplishments and not on a P4P ATG sense I think he could have a shot at being one of the best at Welterweight. His whole career was spent at Welterweight and his body of work is pretty solid and there's more yet to come.

Seeing as most consider Welterweight to be the deepest division in Boxing today and perhaps the best it's ever been in the history of the sport, I doubt anyone could deny him a place if he goes on to consolidate all the belts and beat all the Ring ranked fighers at 147 then adds PBF's head to his mantle.
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